HTG Fencing Landscaping

Our Approach

Our Approach

"Our philosophy" or "Our vision." Let your work speak for itself.  This is what drives us and our business.


Our Story

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, we started small and grew. We saw that there was need for quality Fences and Landscaping.

We heard stories of home owners not being able to find what they are looking for (Quality contractors+ Quality Work). People tried our services and loved and complimented us on our work.

We make sure that we do whats right by the customer, and always do quality work that we can proud of.

That became the core of our business "Let your Work Speak for Itself"


Meet the Team

Our Team that makes it all happen

HTG Fencing & Landscaping

Chris Kerr

Founder & CEO

Estimates and Fencing Installer


Ann West

Vice President

Marketing & Promotion Team


Timothy Barrett


Financial Consultant

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